Dr. Anita Johnston & Amber Martin Corbi

Saturday January 30, 2016 | 9am-4pm

1117 Perimeter Center W, Conference Room Atlanta Georgia



  • In our culture today, what are women truly hungry for?
  • How can women support one another in overcoming self-image issues?
  • How can women empower themselves to find spiritual strength?


To answer these questions and more, join us at the Soul Hunger Workshop!


During the dynamic, interactive Workshop, you will experience how to:

  • See food and eating challenges as symbolic of deeper hungers
  • Listen to your body’s many messages
  • Express yourself in a confident and effective way
  • Follow and trust your women’s intuition
  • Discover what true nourishment means to you


The day will include a variety of activities to stimulate your mind, feed, your body and nourish your soul … through music, meditation, visualizations, self-reflective exercises, myths, metaphors, and storytelling.


You will leave the Soul Hunger Workshop with a deeper connection to yourself, and greater insight into your own patterns and behaviors. You will also gain the knowledge necessary to make permanent, positive changes in your life and be spiritually supported throughout your empowerment journey. It is our sincere wish that you will take this day to discover your true self, open your heart, and tap into the Sacred Feminine Energy inside of you.